Kirby’s Dream Buffet Puts Kirbys In Racing Action (VIDEO)

Kirby's Dream Buffet

With Nintendo’s long history spanning decades at this point, the company has been able to rely on a wide library of franchises to provide consistent support for its gaming platforms. One such franchise that has been held somewhat under the gun has been Kirby. The adorable little pink puff has delighted generations of gamers at this point, with the most recent title being Kirby and The Forgotten Land. With such a new title being made available, many would probably not have expected to see Kirby again in a new game this year. To the surprise of many, Nintendo has announced the new Kirby’s Dream Buffet game.

Nintendo announced the Kirby’s Dream Buffet game with a reveal trailer on their official YouTube channel recently. The trailer shows Kirby preparing to eat a delicious cake, when suddenly, Kirby is shrunk down to a size where the cake becomes a large racecourse. Out of nowhere, a group of Kirbys of different colors appears rolling past Kirby to race to the summit of the proportionally massive cake.

Kirby's Dream Buffet

The rest of the quick Kirby’s Dream Buffet teaser shows various colors of Kirby’s and Waddle Dee’s racing on various dessert-themed racetracks. The tracks feature different edible collectibles and challenges, giving a very Fall Guys-inspired feel. The competing Kirby’s are then seen being weighed at the end, likely comparing how many desserts each was able to eat during the race. The end of the teaser then confirms that Kirby’s Dream Buffet will arrive sometime on the Nintendo Switch eShop before the end of the summer. For Kirby fans, this is certainly an unexpected surprise, but sometimes the unexpected surprises are often the sweetest. Let’s just hope this dessert maintains its sweet flavor upon landing.

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