Kirby's Dream Buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Puts Kirbys In Racing Action (VIDEO)

With Nintendo’s long history spanning decades at this point, the company has been able to rely on a wide library of franchises to provide consistent support for its gaming platforms….

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Super Smash Bros

Throwback Thursday: Super Smash Bros – Clash Of The Nintendo Titans (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 26, 1999, when Super Smash Bros released for Nintendo 64. The fighting title was unique in the way it assembled many of Nintendo’s distinct franchises…

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A New Kirby Lingerie Line is Available – It’s Cute, Pink, and Just a Little Odd

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have been in cahoots with a lingerie company called Peach John and they’ve created a Kirby lingerie and accessories series that can be described by several…

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