Kirby's Dream Buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Puts Kirbys In Racing Action (VIDEO)

With Nintendo’s long history spanning decades at this point, the company has been able to rely on a wide library of franchises to provide consistent support for its gaming platforms….

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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Kirby 64 Hits Nintendo Switch Online This Week (VIDEO)

Nintendo Switch Online may not be as robust of a service as Xbox Game Pass or the soon-to-be launch of the new PlayStation Plus, but there’s certainly plenty to enjoy…

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Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Announced For Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

After weeks of rumors and a decidedly telling leak ahead of the event, the new Nintendo Direct presentation has unveiled an all-new Kirby-led game for the Nintendo Switch titled Kirby…

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kirby nap pillow

This Kirby Nap Pillow Is All You’ll Need For A Short Trip To Dream Land

If you’re on a break at school or work and feeling a bit fatigued, enter into dream land with a Kirby nap pillow. Courtesy of Bandai, of course, this ingenious…

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Latest Nintendo Direct Reveals Kirby Battle Royale for the 3DS — Arrives Next Year (VIDEO)

It was announced in April that an untitled multiplayer action game will be arriving soon for the Kirby franchise. So, during the Nintendo Direct stream earlier today, Kirby Battle Royale…

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Kirby Nintendo Switch

New Kirby Nintendo Switch Game Revealed With New Trailer at Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 video made its debut today, announcing a great many new projects, as well as more details about previously confirmed future titles. Much like the Sony…

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New Metroid and Kirby Covers Arrive From Video Game Metal Band Powerglove (VIDEO)

If heavy metal and the music from video games are your idea of a good time, there’s a chance you’ve already heard of Powerglove, a band that mixes those very…

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A New Kirby Lingerie Line is Available – It’s Cute, Pink, and Just a Little Odd

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have been in cahoots with a lingerie company called Peach John and they’ve created a Kirby lingerie and accessories series that can be described by several…

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