James Gunn Called Mass Effect and Others ‘Big Inspiration’ for Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn

When you have video games and movies in the same thought, chances are, it isn’t a good thing. There have been too many times where video game fandoms have been burned by some big-budget Hollywood blockbuster that brings their favorite video game to life. However, that is besides the point because we can actually talk about video games and movies in the same vein, and it’s all thanks to James Gunn.

Recently, Gunn took to Twitter, as he so often does, to field some questions from inquisitive fans. After mentioning that he was trying to clear his future schedule to enjoy some Mass Effect: Andromeda, a fan asked if the popular space RPG franchise was an inspiration when making Guardians of the Galaxy. To this, James Gunn responded with the following:


It should come as no surprise that Star Wars made the list considering the fact that it is, well…Star Wars. The campy space opera Flash Gordon is always good to see pop up from time to time, and as many fans pointed out, it was nice to see Farscape get a shoutout. It is music to our ears, or eyes in this case, that Mass Effect was one of James Gunn’s biggest inspirations. If you hang around these parts, you may have noticed that DFTG absolutely loves Mass Effect, and we are eagerly awaiting March 21.

Getting back to video games and movies, Gunn weighed in on that, as well. To quote the man himself, “Most of them have failed because they’re bad. Many hit the screens too late, after their draw is over. And others are better left as games.” He certainly has a point, and while he did already write a video game(Lollipop Chainsaw), we can’t help but wonder what James would do if he were to helm a video game movie. What if James Gunn is the answer? Maybe he is the one who will shepherd us into an age where video game movies are glorious and never questioned. We can only dream of such a place. Until then, we’ll stick to waiting for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

What say you, gamers and moviegoers? Are you excited to see that Gunn draws inspiration from some iconic franchises? Do you think he’ll have time after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to play Mass Effect: Andromeda? What do you think he’s doing right now? If you’re reading this, James, what are you doing right now? Let us know down in the comments! Speaking of awesome, have you heard this amazing recreation of the original Metroid soundtrack? It is beyond wonderful! For more wonderful things, follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter so you can stay up to date on your favorite games, movies, and more!

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