Jack Black Starts His Own Gaming Channel, “Bigger Than PewDiePie” (VIDEO)

Jack Black

Video game fans on the internet have become quite aware of just how much the internet has impacted gamer culture. One of the biggest avenues for gaming entertainment has of course been YouTube, where Let’s Play commentaries have become some of the most consistently watched videos on the site. Naturally, it would make sense for mainstream traditional entertainment to want a piece of this action, which is how the likes of Conan O’Brien and Snoop Dogg have released gaming videos of their own. Now, it looks like Jack Black has his sights set on YouTube with his own brand of gaming tomfoolery.

Jack Black recently created his new YouTube account called Jablinski Games, and released a short teaser video. The brief video shows Black, presumably in his home PC gaming setup/studio, in a large gaming chair announcing the new channel. He claims that his new channel will be bigger than both Ninja and PewDiePie, arguably the two most famous gaming-related personalities on the web today. He then impersonates PewDiePie’s signature exclamation of his name, before pulling the lever on the chair for the backrest, sending him to and fro whilst his Instagram username and the YouTube channel’s name appear.

Jack Black Starts His Own Gaming Channel, “Bigger Than PewDiePie” (VIDEO)

The end of the video then says “every Friday”, which will likely end up being the release schedule for future videos added to the channel. So far, this teaser is the only video on the channel, so there’s no telling what format Black’s videos will take. They could be totally sincere gaming videos like the aforementioned PewDiePie and Ninja, or these could very well be humorous takes on the genre of YouTube videos similar to Black’s work with Tenacious D as a more comical style of musical performance. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see such a big mainstream player take on the YouTube world in the terms it has come to be known for. Hopefully Black doesn’t play too similarly to YouTubers and accidentally say racial slurs.

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