Jack Black

Jack Black Starts His Own Gaming Channel, “Bigger Than PewDiePie” (VIDEO)

Video game fans on the internet have become quite aware of just how much the internet has impacted gamer culture. One of the biggest avenues for gaming entertainment has of…

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Logan Paul

Logan Paul’s Controversial Suicide Video Mocked By PewDiePie

UPDATE: PewDiePie uploaded a video addressing the situation, calling Logan a “straight up sociopath”: Most people on the internet have likely seen by now that YouTuber Logan Paul has landed himself…

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review bombing

Steam Review Bombing Addressed With New Feature From Valve

The recent controversy over PewDiePie’s remarks during a stream has had fans divided about how we use language in the public eye. One side can be reflected in the recent…

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Developer Calls For PewDiePie to be Cutoff After New Racial Slur Controversy

The YouTuber everyone loves to hate, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, was previously dropped from Disney and Google after making anti-Semitic remarks in one of his videos and now he’s at…

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PewDiePie Deletes His YouTube Channel (Sort Of)

Felix Kjellberg, better known by his alias “PewDiePie”, recently made the public promise to delete his youtube channel as a sort of protest against many of the issues that he’s…

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