International Mummy Trailer Shows New Footage From Upcoming Reboot (VIDEO)

International Mummy Trailer

Last week saw the release of a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of The Mummy. The Tom Cruise flick appears to be a bit of a departure from previous versions, but that isn’t to say it will be bad. With reboots and remakes dominating the cinema landscape these days, it was really only a matter of time. Set to release in less than two months, moviegoers can expect to see promotional material for the film everywhere they go. The latest bit of advertising to be released is the international Mummy trailer, which features a few new looks at the forthcoming thriller.

The new ad expands upon the time spent before uncovering the sarcophagus that isn’t actually a tomb, but a prison instead. You know, the one that Tom Cruise’s character decides to show off by shooting the chain that has essentially been keeping the world safe for centuries? The one that has kept evil locked inside and Cruise nonchalantly brings the world to its knees by uncovering? Yeah, that one. Either way, check out the international Mummy trailer below:

Everything seen in the trailer definitely falls in line with what director Alex Kurtzman was attempting to achieve. According to an interview with Slashfilm, Alex detailed what he was looking for while making the movie. He said, “I think that our goal is to make a movie that’s full of suspense, full of adventure, that has moments of horror but that isn’t defined as ‘a horror movie.'” This can be understandable considering some people might not go see a movie just because of that “horror” tag. Kurtzman also said:

This goes back to the requirement, I think, of having an unpredictable Tom Cruise in the movie. Because if you remove from the audience’s mind, ‘Oh I know he’s going to save the day,’ and in fact go, ‘he really might not, he has no idea what to do here,’ [it becomes] a situation where they’re kind of scared for him because they don’t know what he’s going to do and they don’t know what’s coming.”

The Mummy is set to hit theaters on June 9, and is the first of many to come in Universal’s monster movie franchise. The film stars Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Courtney B. Vance, Jake Johnson, and it will feature Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll.

What say the moviegoers of the world? Does the international Mummy trailer add to the suspense of the upcoming reboot? Will this be a step in the right direction for Universal’s classic monster universe? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below, or start one over on the official Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If it is more reading that you’re needing, check out the following:

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