Dark Universe Movies In Jeopardy Following Major Departures

Universal’s Dark Universe Movies In Jeopardy Following Major Departures

When film studio Universal Pictures released The Mummy earlier this year, the Tom Cruise-led spectacle was to usher in a new cinematic monster continuity labeled the “Dark Universe.” Films published under this…

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the mummy prodigium strike the mummy demastered

The Mummy is Getting a Pixelated Tie-In Game Called ‘The Mummy Demastered’

Universal Studios’ Dark Universe kicks off this week with the release of The Mummy, bringing a new version of the classic Egyptian monster to cinemas, with the promise of more…

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The Next Movie in Universal’s “Dark Universe” Will be Bride of Frankenstein (VIDEO)

Universal pictures has announced that their classic monster movie revival, beginning with The Mummy, has been officially named Dark Universe. The idea is to present the studio’s classic monsters for a new generation. The…

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International Mummy Trailer

International Mummy Trailer Shows New Footage From Upcoming Reboot (VIDEO)

Last week saw the release of a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of The Mummy. The Tom Cruise flick appears to be a bit of a departure from previous…

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The Mummy Trailer

Tom Cruise is “Chosen” in New The Mummy Trailer (VIDEO)

In the age of remakes and reboots in the cinema world, things can be a little overwhelming. Childhoods being “ruined”, the “wrong” people being cast in a role, and the…

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Dracula Untold Not A Part of Universal’s Shared Monster Universe Says The Mummy Director

It appears that Universal’s 2014 Dracula Untold which starred Luke Evans will not be a part of the studio’s planned shared monster universe after all. Instead, the upcoming reboot of…

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