Injustice 3 Reveal Possibly Happening Soon

injustice 2 may 2017

In between development and post-launch content for the Mortal Kombat games, developer NetherRealm Studios has also become known for putting out the superhero-focused Injustice series. Portraying the violent saga of an alternate DC universe, the comic-inspired series has seen factions led by the likes of Batman and an authoritarian Superman clash in the name of safeguarding the Earth. After putting out two fighting game entries so far, NetherRealm has seemed set for a potential Injustice 3, a sentiment bolstered by several teases appearing on social media.

The speculation began in a recent Twitter post, which saw comic book writer Tom Taylor upload an image of a very Injustice-looking letter “I,” with the post citing a quote attributed to DC’s Batman, saying, “I think it could have been different.” A follow-up tweet added more to the message, depicting a very telling letter “N” alongside the continued quote “if they were still alive.” By the looks of things, Taylor appears to be teasing an all-new continuation to the Injustice story, one that may possibly lead to Injustice 3.

Tom Taylor is well-known for his work in writing the Injustice comic book series, having completed two excellent runs based on the release of NetherRealm’s fighting games. Each series were established as prequels, telling the events leading up to the games and fleshing out many characters that never made it to the roster. These new posts are almost certainly hinting at a new Injustice adventure, but whether or not it ends up being a comic book or video game currently remains to be seen. However, as the writer has only ever told Injustice stories adjacent to the games, this tease could mean an Injustice 3 announcement might not be too far away.

While this could easily be a spin-off or simple continuation of the Injustice 2 or original Gods Among Us comics, the timing of this new project might be a bit more telling than one might consider. If release patterns are anything to go by, a game reveal for Injustice 3 might indeed be imminent, especially as Mortal Kombat 11 DLC is winding down as of late. Having released every four years thus far (the last being Injustice 2 in 2017), a third entry could feasibly be slated for 2021, placing an official reveal sometime between now and the next few months. We’ll only know for sure when these new social media posts finally reach their conclusion.

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