Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Planned For PS5, Part Of Trilogy, Says Sources

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

With two new video game console releases (hopefully) happening later this year, game developers are looking to the next generation of devices for their new creative endeavors. The Xbox Series X has already confirmed to have the next game in the Halo franchise, Halo: Infinite, and Sony has promised similar franchise continuations for the PlayStation 5. One PlayStation series that fans have been waiting to see return is Horizon, by Guerrilla Games. Well, according to multiple sources close to Guerrilla Games, it sounds like the fan-favorite developer has ambitious plans for a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel meant to debut on the PlayStation 5.

Video Games Chronicle recently reported on information that they received from several separate sources closely tied to Guerrilla Games regarding their Horizon Zero Dawn sequel project. The sources state that the sequel actually began early development not long after Zero Dawn’s release, with the intent to have the game on PS4 initially. However, after time, the sources believe that development now has their sights on a PS5 release for the game.

Rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel have abounded lately, after new job listings on the Guerrilla Games website indicated they needed new employees for a significant new project. Other tidbits from these sources include supposed co-operative play features for the new game. Supposedly, there were plans for a co-op play demo to be released, with the progress being transferable to the full game, but it is unknown if these intentions have been scrapped like the co-operative play modes in the first game ultimately were. The sources also suggest that the new game will be significantly bigger, will allow more freedom for the player and that it will be part of a planned trilogy of games. While this sequel has yet to be officially announced, hopefully Sony does so soon, so gamers can have some hope on the Horizon in these dark times.

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