Torchlight 3: Here’s A First Look At Building Custom Forts (VIDEO)

torchlight 3 forts

The studio behind Torchlight 3 have been steadily and quietly releasing news on Torchlight 3 and while there hasn’t been a lot of light shed on their latest achievements, there have been some interesting developments that deserve some attention. In their latest announcement, Echtra reveals new information on custom forts players can build and upgrade as they venture through the world of Novastraia. Despite the imminent threat of the Netherim, there’s some fun to be had as well! Check it out below:

In addition to the reveal of the sharpshooter class in March, forts are highly customizable areas of rest and planning. There are cosmetic items, resources, and other features to personalize a fortress. Whether you’re crafting the perfect home, need a resource well, or looking to build a battle station for the destruction of thine enemies – there’s a treasure trove of options to go for.

There are skill stations for each of the four classes revealed so far – Dusk Mage, Sharpshooter, Forge, and Railmaster – a Luck Tree players can “feed” with undesired items, and the ability to visit other players. Want to create a training ground rife with weapons, dummies, and mementos from battle or sanctuary of knowledge filled with books, papers, and herbs? Looks like you’re going to need to roll up those sleeves and bring out the designer within.

Initially debuted as a free-to-play titled Torchlight Frontiers, the team behind Torchlight 3 and its stakeholders revealed earlier this year the shift to a premium title for a single box price with online and offline features for all. Based on feedback from alpha testers, it sounds like this was a much-needed shift to garner the right audience and bring the game “back to its roots and makes it the true sequel to Torchlight I & II that it was always meant to be.”

Rest assured, Echtra and team want to make this a sequel worth calling a Torchlight game! What do you think of the latest developments for Torchlight 3? Are you ready to dive in with Echtra games announces the release date? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming and entertainment news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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