Hitman Christmas DLC: Kill the Bandits from ‘Home Alone’ in Holiday Hoarders

Hitman: Holiday Hoarders Home Alone bandits

Last week, fans of this year’s Hitman were delighted to learn of a Christmas-themed mission addition to the universally acclaimed game. Holiday Hoarders takes players to Paris, France to intercept and kill two crafty burglars before the thieves make their escape. The DLC hilariously includes the option to murder the bandits while dressed as Santa Claus.

Hitman: Holiday Hoarders
The new mission was elevated further when fans discovered a reference to a certain Christmas film in the DLC’s description:

“Happy Holidays, 47. Your destination is Paris, France, and I must confess, this one is a bit of an odd one. Your targets are Harry ‘Smokey’ Bagnato and Marv ‘Slick’ Gonif, a pair of professional thieves currently breaking into the Palais De Walewska. Bagnato and Gonif are both American nationals now living in Paris after a series of botched break-ins and related violent crimes forced them to leave their home country.”

Harry and Marv are obvious references to the “Wet Bandits” from the 1990 film Home Alone. The film follows a young kid after he’s mistakenly left “home alone” for the holidays and has to deal with two bumbling thieves. The nicknames “Slick” and Smokey” are most likely a nod to the booby traps the duo set off in the movie’s final act.

Hitman: Holiday Hoarders Home Alone bandits
Extras from Holiday Hoarders update include a new “Secret Santa” challenge pack, various bug fixes, and a “holiday-appropriate” exit for the Christmas-themed mission. In true holiday spirit, the downloadable mission is free for all players, but the game urges grateful gamers to donate money to the World Cancer Research Fund in an effort to spread the holiday cheer.

“Cancer is something that affects everyone in one way or another at some point in their lives,” studio head Hannes Seifert said. “We’re giving away some fun, free holiday content to all Hitman players and we ask in return that if you want to donate to a great cause, please give whatever you can.”

Hitman: Holiday Hoarders is out now and if you’re so inclined, you can donate to the World Cancer Research Fund HERE. Do you look forward to taking out the Wet Bandits? Are you looking forward to taking out cancer as well? Me too. Leave your comments in the section below and be sure to take aim at these other holiday-themed articles!

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