Hitman: Holiday Hoarders Home Alone bandits

Hitman Christmas DLC: Kill the Bandits from ‘Home Alone’ in Holiday Hoarders

Last week, fans of this year’s Hitman were delighted to learn of a Christmas-themed mission addition to the universally acclaimed game. Holiday Hoarders takes players to Paris, France to intercept and…

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The Division’s Latest Patch 1.4 Boosts Player Numbers

The Division can likely be considered one of Ubisoft’s biggest success in 2016. However, leading up to its’s success has been a fairly rocky road. Even from the get go…

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Terry Crews Volunteers His Talents for Potential Future Overwatch Hero

Since its release this past May, Blizzard’s hit First Person Shooter (FPS) Overwatch has gained quite the massive following. Overwatch offers a unique take on the classic player versus player…

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Josh Holmes

343 Executive Producer Josh Holmes Steps Down

In a recent Halo Waypoint news update, 343 Industries has announced the Executive Producer for the company, Josh Holmes, will be stepping down this month to pursue a new career…

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The Wood Elves have Come! Total War: Warhammer Realm of the Wood Elves Expansion (Video)

If you have been or are looking at playing Total War: Warhammer then we’ve got some exciting news. Due to be released December 8th is the “biggest expansion to date”…

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The Future of ‘Total War’ – Eager to Explore New Era In History

The Historical side of Creative Assembly Total War franchise has been around for well over a decade. We’ve seen Total War titles come from an assortment of historical eras such…

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Assassin’s Creed Goes Rogue with Less Scripting for Future Games

Since the release of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate just over a year ago, the fans of the franchise seem to have lost quite a bit of the enthusiasm previously displayed for…

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Mass Effect Andromeda Innovation Takes Cues from ME3 Multiplayer

By the time Mass Effect Andromeda launches in March of 2017, it will have been almost exactly five years since the release of the last Mass Effect game. In efforts…

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Gameplay Footage Shown During Nintendo Switch Reveal Might Not Be Available

There’s been a lot of hype, good and bad, surrounding Nintendo’s new gaming console the “Switch” since the reveal announcement last week. Now that the initial excitement has worn off,…

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OmniWear Arc Lets You Feel When Enemies are Behind You

A new device promises to alert you to when an enemy sneaks up behind you. Say hello to the OmniWear Arc. This slim designed device rests easily on the wearers…

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