Overwatch Winter Wonderland Christmas Update has Gone Live – Skins, Maps, and More

The wait is over. Consider your stockings stuffed as the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event has gone live! The event has a whole velvety sack full of new features to put even the most ruthless gamer in the spirit for the holidays!

You can expect your standard loot boxes to be replaced with winter themed goodies to outfit your characters. The event also includes new skins, player icons, emotes, highlight intros, victory poses and so much more! Just logging in will even net you a free icon and loot box. Merry Christmas to you. Check out some of the highlights in the trailer here:

The skins feature the characters all dolled up for the festivities. We imagine that means lots of shooting. That’s festive, right? You can spy some of the skins in the gallery below!

Overwatch Winter Wonderald comes with some pretty fun events too! “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” puts two teams of six in a last man standing snowball fight to the finish. Set on Ecopoint Antarctica, everyone plays as a snowball gun wielding Mei. Each player gets one shot before having to reload at a snow pile on the map. Mei’s Ultimate move has changed for this as well, allowing her to fire repeatedly without having to hit a pile to reload. Single-elimination is the name of the game and the overall goal is to defeat the other team three times.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Hanamura and Kings Row have been decked out for the event as well. Overwatch Winter Wonderland also has a Winter Mystery brawl that randomly selects a character every time you respawn. If this doesn’t sound like fun you can Scrooge McDuck and cover in your usual standard play as well!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland is up until January 2nd. Plenty of time to get all of your Christmas loot unlocked before the event ends. The good news is that you can continue using the items even after the event is over!

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

If you don’t have the game, or just want to relax and watch someone else play, you can follow our live stream of the event tonight at 9 pm central! Lili and Chew will be joining other members of the writing team to see what all the Overwatch Winter Wonderland fuss is about! You can watch on our twitch channel here!

What do you think of the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event? Sound off in the comments below!

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