Hideo Kojima Interview Promises “Big Thing” For Cloud Gaming and Streaming

One of the biggest signs of the future of the gaming industry recently has been the rise of game streaming services and cloud gaming as a service for new and existing platforms. The big recent breakthrough was Google’s announcement of Google Stadia, their new cloud gaming service which will provide convenient game streaming to players without the need for a console. One iconic figure in the game industry known for taking advantage of new technologies is Hideo Kojima. Now, a new Hideo Kojima interview has shared his thoughts on what potential he believes game streaming has, and even promises a “big thing” of his own that utilizes the new technologies.

Japanese magazine Nikkei Business recently released an in-depth interview with Hideo Kojima in which he speaks about the future of the gaming industry. Among the sentiments Kojima gave included his thoughts on video games and films a similar history of evolution based on technological advancements. With 5G services now beginning to be available, Kojima believes such a technological advancement to be beginning. It is not lost on Kojima the perfect synergy occurring with 5G and new cloud gaming service announcements made at a similar time. As he states:

5G commercial services have launched, Google announced a cloud gaming service, and Apple is strengthening its position in the gaming industry. Cloud gaming allows direct delivery of games on any screen, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, without the need for consoles. Cloud gaming experienced a boom around 4, 5 years ago, but there was no phenomenon carrying it. Many say it’ll end in failure, but I think it didn’t work out because the technology wasn’t advanced enough. Now that 5G has launched, we’ll see a huge shift to cloud gaming during the next five years. Entertainment as a whole will change and allow more liberty.”

Kojima references how Black Mirror: Bandersnatch released on Netflix last year blurred the lines between film and gaming. With these new technologies, Kojima seems to strongly hint that he will also be taking advantage of these new opportunities with “one big thing”:

We’ll start seeing completely different games these next five years as 5G spreads. There’s one big thing I have in mind related to streaming as well. I can’t say anything more as I don’t want to spoil though (laughs).”

As to what this “one big thing” is, no one is yet sure, especially considering how difficult Kojima is to predict. It could be a project for Google Stadia, but if PlayStation evolves their PlayStation Now service with the next generation, they would be smart to continue their exclusive relationship with Kojima. No matter the case, it is exciting to see such a prolific creator inspired by the promises of a new tomorrow.

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