Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Reportedly Leaked

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Reportedly Leaked

It is an understatement to say that fans have been waiting a long time for Cyberpunk 2077, especially given that it’s already been seven years since the upcoming CD Projekt RED game was officially announced. With the developer having released loads of new gameplay footage and stills within the past year, though, it doesn’t appear that we have much longer to wait before we get an official release date. In the meantime, though, a recent Cyberpunk 2077 leak suggests that the game’s launch date may be sooner than we expected.

The rumor comes by way of a Slovakian online game store called ProGamingShop. Most retailers will typically list the last day of the current year as a placeholder release date, though ProGamingShop has, for some reason, listed the release date as November 28, 2019. The 28th just so happens to be Thanksgiving and a Thursday, and while many have written the leak off as a creative placeholder, there is still the fact that CD Projekt RED is working with multiple distributors to release the game worldwide.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Reportedly Leaked

Warner Bros. has previously been listed as the publisher for Cyberpunk 2077 in North America, while Bandai Namco is handling the publishing duties in 24 different European countries. Slovakia, however, is not one of them, and it is currently unknown what publisher is handling that region. As such, it is certainly possible that the game will have a late 2019 release, though it seems suspect that CD Projekt RED has yet to come forth if that’s the case. After all, we’re already approaching May of this year. Unless the developer plans on making a big announcement at E3 2019, chances are we still have a ways to go before getting our hands on Cyberpunk 2077.

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