#HelpKyleFindTracer – Overwatch Fans Unite to Help a BlizzCon Missed Connection


BlizzCon – a magical place where fans of Blizzard from all over the world gather to share their fandom, their glory, and meet like-minded gamers. Apparently, it is also a place where some Blizz fans hope to find love – at least that was the case for Reddit user TheBushidoViking and the post that jump-started the #HelpKyleFindTracer movement.

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Classic story, really: boy goes to convention, boy finds a person of interest cosplaying as a favourite character, boy leaves with mind-consuming crush. All absolutely standard, we assure you. In a subreddit that has since gone completely viral, he mentions that he failed to get any information (phone number, name, etc) from the “really cute girl” that was cosplaying as Tracer from the wildly popular shooter, Overwatch. TheBushidoViking left the 25th Anniversary celebration to head back home but it seems that the crush is a little harder to crush than he thought.

“I told you and your friend group the story of my friend and his love of dabbing and thus you told me of the genji dab in Overwatch and we exchanged faces outside of the IHOP. I forgot to ask your number!”

This adorable ‘missed connections’ style message quickly became a hit in the community, as we are all suckers for a happy ending. Many joined in on the story whether in jest or in support, but one thing is for sure – the community is standing by this potential love story and hopes for a reconnection.

Some community members thought it less romantic erring more on the ‘creepy side’, however – and understandably so. The internet helping one stranger find another stranger, it can go both ways. “If she likes him: adorable. If she doesn’t: turbocreeper” states one user, AbsurdParadox.

The hashtag #HelpKyleFindTracer is in full force. A true match in Blizzard heaven.

Kyle, AKA, TheBushidoViking, does add after the post went viral:

“People seem to think I need this person in my life for some reason. Truthfully, I don’t. I have the internet as a resource to possibly talk to someone who seemed like a lot of fun. But if I don’t find them, my life is no different than it was before people. I never thought people would find this sweet to any degree so I appreciate all of you wonderful people. I’m just glad I could bring smiles to faces. As I said before, life is far too short for negative energy.”

What do you gamers think? Romance is definitely a buzz in the gaming world, and it is adorable when it can connect two strangers on a deeper level. Did you hear about how Bungie helped a couple get engaged in-game during their Destiny run? You should check it out, it is so sweet – it’ll make your teeth ache.

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