Halo TV Series’ Composer Weighs In On Master Chief’s Helmet Scene

Halo TV Series' Composer Weighs In On Master Chief's Helmet Scene

Fans of the Halo video game series naturally know just how impactful it was to see Master Chief without his helmet for the first time courtesy of Paramount+’s recently launched TV series. Not everyone working on the series was in the know, though, as it was recently revealed that series composer Sean Callery had no idea that Master Chief is never seen without his helmet in the games.

In a recent interview with Comicbook, Halo TV series composer Sean Callery states that the scene in which Master Chief is shown without his helmet “works really well,” though he then reveals that he wasn’t aware of just how impactful the scene was. “I did not know that his helmet coming off was as big a deal as it was,” Callery explained. “It certainly was a big deal in the show in that it’s the first time we see the actor’s face, and it was a big reveal. So that I recognized as being the case, and I scored it as such.”

But then we were playing it back, and we went through a lot of different permutations of trying to get the tone of it just right, and they said, ‘You do realize that he never takes off his helmet in the game?’ I said, ‘No,’ I said, ‘Oh my God. I didn’t know that.'”

The good news is that Callery seems to think that not knowing about the whole importance of the moment ended up being beneficial to the scene, since he would have become “even more self-conscious” about the whole thing. “You know how when your mother says, ‘Bring this over to the table. But it’s very fragile. Don’t break it,’ and then you get so nervous you trip?” he said. “I wanted to make sure that what I did was authentic, and I think the moment works really well. I hope the fans agree, and we’ll just see where the chips fall. But I didn’t know the significance of it fully. I recognized in the story when we filmed it, when I saw it I said, ‘This is a big moment,’ because of the way they filmed it. But I didn’t realize how big it was. So, that’s pretty funny. I thought it was pretty funny.”

Halo fans can check out the new TV series exclusively on Paramount+.

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