Halo TV Show Actor Explains Why Master Chief Removes His Helmet

Halo TV Show actor

The film and television industry seems to be in a golden age of adapting video games for the big and small screens lately. The newest project to adapt a major video game franchise is the Halo TV show for Paramount Plus. The trailers for the show so far have done well to hype up the cast of characters, especially Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief himself. While the trailers haven’t shown it, reports have indicated that Master Chief will remove his helmet many times in the show. Now, the Halo TV show actor has explained the reasons for this decision.

Comicbook.com recently spoke with Halo TV show actor Pablo Schreiber about his work on the project while he was promoting it as SXSW. One particular point of intrigue was whether or not Schreiber felt anxious about portraying such an icon and giving a literal face to the character. Surprisingly, Schreiber said he actually feels excited and not nervous to show his face. Schreiber also details the reasoning behind removing Master Chief’s helmet so much in the show:

We’re making a TV show and in order to have an audience connect with the character over the course of a long-term TV show, there’s no way you can pull an audience through that without getting to know the character, without relating to the character, without empathizing with the character. And that feels virtually impossible to do with a helmet on all the time.”

Schreiber believed that the games covered Master Chief’s face so much to help the player easier put their perspective behind the character’s blank slate, considering that they were playing as him. The Halo TV show actor continues, suggesting that an audience wouldn’t be able to relate to or empathize with a character that has a helmet on the whole time. The reasoning behind this can certainly be understood, but there is one Beskar-armored space warrior out there on TV that might disagree. Still, this argument will be put to the test when the Halo TV show premieres this Thursday, 3/24 on Paramount Plus.

What do you guys think about the reasons from the Halo TV show actor for Master Chief removing his helmet? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Halo news, such as the explanation for live-action Cortana looking so different in the Halo TV show, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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