GTA V Mod Transforms the Game into an RPG (VIDEO)


Grand Theft Auto V continues to chug along at an unprecedented rate. The game dropped five years ago, but Rockstar Games released new DLC less than two months ago. In June, GTA V beat out Fortnite on the PlayStation sales charts. What’s more, new unique mods enhance the game’s playability even further. Want some 20 versus 20 firefights? Modders have you covered. Need to smash like Hulk? Modders again. Desire control over metal in a world of steel and lead? Mods. None of the mods, however, change the core gameplay mechanics of GTA V and bring it into an entirely different genre… until now.

A new mod now transforms GTA V from chaotic sandbox game into a legitimate RPG. The mod, aptly titled GTA RPG, provides players with a non-linear story and a skill tree. The mod even offers three character classes for players to choose from. It doesn’t quite measure up to Skyrim or Fallout, but it still works and turns the world of Los Santos on its head. Dialogue options open up with NPCs, making you feel like the city itself lives and breathes. And, of course, you get to customize your own character.

Thankfully, the mod’s page only lists a couple of bugs that could hinder your gameplay experience. However, if you need your RPG fix or simply want to experience GTA V in a completely different way, this mod is a must-have.

You can download GTA RPG here.

With GTA VI potentially around the corner, mods have helped keep the smash hit fresh while we wait for the next title. I do love the Magneto mod, but this may be my new favorite. It lacks the immense changes of, say, Beyond Skyrim, but it adds so much depth and flavor to a half-decade old game. God bless the mods who continue to make games of yesteryear feel like brand new titles.

What do you think of GTA RPG? Are you interested in seeing Los Santos in a new light? What other games could use the RPG treatment? Let us know in the comments section below! And be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news and updates.

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