God Of War Artist Shares Scrapped Drummer Enemy

God of War

This year’s God of War was a fantastic success by all accounts. Sony Santa Monica successfully re-invented the franchise, creating a new world bathed in fantastical Norse mythology with beautiful scenic icescapes and enemies to fit.

While we’ve seen everything from Undead warriors to Dark Elves and Giant Trolls, a Sony Santa Monica artist has revealed a new enemy design that didn’t make it into the game. Character artist Arda Koyuncu shared images of a Drummer enemy with a horrific design befitting of the enemies already in God of War.

The drummer seems to be a female draugr variation with dreadlocks, four arms, and hollow eyes. The most distinct feature though is that of the actual drum she carries. It seems to be carved to mimic the shape of a heart, with skulls draped as trophies alongside it.

Koyuncu discussed how the original concept came from fellow character artist Dela Longfish, and what was done with the character model and other artwork that was created in place of the scrapped enemy. “I modeled, textured and made the material setup of Drummer from scratch,” Koyuncu said. “Later on during the production we decided the cut the character from the final game. I used the props I modeled for the character for different purposes here and there in the game instead.”

Where these props popped up in the shipped game, we don’t know. But it could be a whole lot of fun for fans who’ve finished the game to keep an eye out for the repurposed aspects of the character during their runs of the New Game + mode!

New Game + will be coming in the near future, according to Sony boss Shawn Layden. We’ll be sure to have an update if we find this Easter egg somewhere in the game, so follow us on Twitter and stay tuned! For other gaming news going on right now, check out the following:

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