PlayStation Classic Datamining Reveals List Of Rejected Games

PlayStation Classic Datamining Reveals List Of Rejected Games

It is no secret by now that Sony’s PlayStation Classic mini console has a rather disappointing selection of games in its line-up. So disappointing, in fact, that we wrote up…

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PlayStation Classic Hacked - Here's How To Unlock The PS1 Emulator (VIDEO)

PlayStation Classic Hacked – Here’s How To Unlock The PS1 Emulator (VIDEO)

When PlayStation Classic was first announced, older gamers and retro enthusiasts alike were fully on board with what promised to be a nostalgia-filled romp through part of the library of…

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PlayStation Classic Lineup Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

PlayStation Classic Revealed, Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Nintendo’s successful advent of the NES and SNES Classic Edition marked the start of microconsole madness in the retro gaming market. Other old-school brands such as Atari, SEGA, and Commodore 64…

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God of War

God Of War Artist Shares Scrapped Drummer Enemy

This year’s God of War was a fantastic success by all accounts. Sony Santa Monica successfully re-invented the franchise, creating a new world bathed in fantastical Norse mythology with beautiful scenic…

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Souls Online Services

Demon’s Souls Online Services Being Shut Down In Early 2018

Though many aging games from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation have seen their online services shut down quietly with little fan response, the few major generation-shaping titles that…

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Naughty Dog Employee

Former Naughty Dog Employee Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment Cover-Up

The recent Harvey Weinstein allegations have seemingly opened a floodgate of people coming forward to open up about employer-related sexual harassment and abuse stories. The latest victim to come forward…

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Gravity Rush Anime

New Gravity Rush Anime Details Events Between First and Second Game (VIDEO)

The original Gravity Rush was one of the best titles on the far too overlooked PlayStation Vita, and its devotees have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to the hidden gem….

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