WATCH: Ghost Recon Wildlands Reveals Free Predator DLC, New Event Details

The Legends of the Wildlands began as Easter eggs for players to enjoy in the expansive world of Ghost Recon. After seeing the passion and dedication fans had for the Legends, the team at Ubisoft began to really live up to expectations. Now Ghost Recon will see another Legend come to life and is sure to be a challenge even for the most seasoned of players. Beginning on December 14th, Recon fans will have a chance to take on the greatest hunter of them all: the Predator. This Predator event will have players hunt down the elusive terror all the while avoid being hunted themselves.

The event will run throughout December and into early January. Players can purchase new exclusive items inspired by the original movie, which includes new weapons, skins, and a close combat move. Should players successfully take down the Predator, they’ll be awarded with a Predator mask, complete with Predator vision – perfect for stalking their next prey.

In an interview with Senior Producer Nouredine Abboud, he explains that the team has been a long time fan of the Predator films and couldn’t be more excited to bring the creature to Ghost Recon. The event will feature multiple references to the original film and hopes to recreate the tension of being hunted that the original film did so well conveying.

You first discover hints about the Predator’s presence before actually getting to meet and fight him. Getting that feeling of being swallowed by the surrounding jungle was something we really wanted to convey. And of course, the music takes a big part in creating the tension. The Predator can run around, jump in the trees, taunt the Ghosts, and activate his cloaking device. Once he wants to engage you, he can use his Plasma Caster or his Smart Disc, depending on the situation. Being able to quickly react and always keep on your toes will be the key to defeating the Predator.

The Ghost War will also receive some love in the event with the new playable character, inspired by Dutch from the first movie. The ultimate hunt is on, will you survive the experience?  Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Predator event in Ghost Recon Wildlands and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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