Gears 5 Repeat Quitters Are Getting Banned For Up To Two Years

Gears 5 Quitters

Gears 5, despite having a significant branding and narrative focus shift, has pleased many fans of the classic Xbox series. With 3 million players enjoying the game, Gears 5 now holds the title of the most successful first-party Microsoft title launch on Xbox One. The game also continues to host a vibrant online community nearly a month after its launch, but still encounters many issues related to player behavior like many online games. Now, it has been confirmed the harsh lengths that The Coalition has gone to punish frequent Gears 5 quitters who frequently commit the offense.

The actions taken by developer The Coalition against frequent Gears 5 quitters has been confirmed on the official Coalition Twitter account. Several players on social media had previously claimed that their account had been banned, some for months and at least one claim of a two year suspension, with no warning from The Coalition about their frequent quitting resulting with this action. The tweet marks the confirmation of this severe response involving lengthy bans of months or years for the most egregious quitters.

Gears 5

It seems that The Coalition received enough complaints about the lack of warning to some players, so they have decided to reverse the suspension those that were not verbally warned. However, these offenders are essentially on probation, as another instance of quitting a match will return them to banned status. It is not stated whether or not the returned suspension would be the same length as the original sentence. While it is good to see The Coalition taking action to prevent frequent quitters, the lack of proper communication certainly needed to be rectified. Hopefully, though, The Coalition finds ways to find a balanced approach to not grinding anyone’s gears.

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