Game Freak Job Listings Point Toward a Pokémon Game on the Nintendo Switch

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Recently, a job listing appeared online revealing video game developer Game Freak’s desire to hire several employees for their next game. The interesting part of that commonly boring practice is that the company is looking for game designers with experience working with specifically Wii U and PlayStation Vita-level character models intended for play on a console platform. The listing gets more compelling when it describes the potential game as a “globally popular RPG” that “just about anyone knows.” Not many titles from Game Freak’s catalog match those criteria better than the Pokémon series they are most known for.

Game Freak has been heading development of the popular main series Pokémon games ever since 1996. When they aren’t creating beloved fighting monsters for Nintendo’s latest handheld, Game Freak’s time is usually spent waiting for the next time they’re needed to make another Pokémon game. On rare occasions, the game studio has taken a crack at smaller games such as the recent HarmoKnight and Tembo the Badass Elephant, but those titles have nowhere near the global name recognition as Pokémon.

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Some reports from last year suggested that an updated version of the latest Pokémon Sun & Moon would be remade for the Nintendo Switch, under the title Pokémon Stars. This unconfirmed rumor seems in line with the recent job listing, as well as Game Freak’s past of re-releasing updated Pokemon games. Whatever the case ends up being, you can bet you’ll learn about it here on DFTG.

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Do you think we’ll be catching and battling Pocket Monsters the Switch? Or do you think the proposed game could be starring a different well-known character, such as Mario? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for more up-to-date Nintendo news. You can also continue the conversation on our official Disqus channel where gamers are encouraged to speculate. You can catch up on more Nintendo news from these links below:

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