Fortnite Season 11 Leak Point To New Map, New Locations and Boats!

Fortnite Season 11

Fortnite has had quite a big year, celebrating its two year anniversary and the launch of its tenth season. The most recent season created a lot of excitement, with the inclusion of several crossover events with the likes of Borderlands and Batman. Many knew that season ten would be coming to an end around this time, but many have wondered what season 11 might bring. Well, some crafty sleuths have uncovered a Fortnite Season 11 leak, and it seems like it will bring many big changes to the game. This will supposedly include a new map, new locations and boats!

As PrimaGames recently reported, some big Fortnite Season 11 leaks were uncovered recently by international sleuths. The leaks were found on the foreign listings of the Fortnite app in the iTunes Store. The preview images from the leaked listing include a promo image that says “Chapter 2” and seems to show a new map. The leaked updated map appears to be somewhat bigger than the previous map, with many pre-existing locations on it, albeit rearranged.

The leaked map also seems to have new locations, including Anarchy Acres. Among the other leaks include the appearance of new vehicles, such as boats, the first of water vehicles to appear in the game. Season 10 is officially set to end on Sunday, October 13th, which would likely mean season 11 would then begin on the following day. Regardless of whether this map happens exactly as it appears, season 11 is surely going to bring some sort of changes to Fortnite and its playerbase. Hopefully these changes are met with positive fan response that has them dabbing and t-posing in the streets. What do you guys think about this Fortnite Season 11 leak? Let us know in the comments below!

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