Fortnite Save The World Adds New Challenge, Heroes, And A Host Of Fixes

Fortnite - Save the World

While the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite has blown up to epic heights, many players still enjoy the Save the World mode, which unfortunately comes with a price tag. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking on hordes upon hordes of enemies.

That said, the recent update from Epic Games is massive, and Save the World was definitely not left behind. A new challenge has appeared alongside a new hero, the Ice King, and those who complete the challenge will receive the Ice Queen (must purchase Ice King first). Plenty of changes have arrived for the game mode, including “Increased Frostnite XP, Gold, and Ticket rewards, especially at later waves, to better incentivize longer survival times.”

A bounty of bug fixes have also been implemented with v7.20, especially with Save the World. Enemies, audio, gameplay, and much more have seen tweaks, which are all outlined in the patch notes below. Most importantly, however, soccer ball sounds have been added in Frostbite. I think we can all agree this is game-changing.

Fortnite is currently available on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, Android, and iOS devices. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Are you looking forward to all of the new goodies available in Save the World? Have you been enjoying this mode for some time, or are you still holding out hope that Epic will remove the paywall? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! Check out the Save the World patch notes below:



  • Weekly Frostnite Challenge 3: New Wave Holiday
    • Enemy waves send a large horde of the same enemy type at you.
    • Players need to eliminate a specific number of enemies of that type to progress to the next wave.
    • Available on January 16 at 7 PM ET.
  • Weekly Frostnite Challenge 3 Quest rewards include:
    • Challenge Banner 3
    • Ice Queen Outlander
    • Snowflake Tickets
  • The 14 Days of Fortnite event has ended and the Quests are no longer available.
  • Added a new Power Level 128 zone in Frostnite for end-game players.
    • This zone will be available to players who have reached the end of Twine Peaks
    • Earn a new Reward Banner for completing all 30 waves of Frostnite in a 128 Power Level zone!
  • Increased Frostnite XP, Gold, and Ticket rewards, especially at later waves, to better incentivize longer survival times.
  • Replaced Transform Key and Schematic rewards with Perk-UP and RE-PERK in higher difficulty Frostnite zones.
  • Changed which Storm Shield Defense quests unlock the Frostnite zones, so players should see more appropriately leveled zones.
  • Mission map adjustments
    • Missions are no longer locked behind old side quests. They are now unlocked by quests in the main campaign.
    • Key story-specific missions can no longer have mission alerts on them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Anomalies which would not allow players who joined in progress to collect the shards.
  • Fixed a Deliver the Bomb mission issue to allow players to build through the upper part of the launcher.
  • Players who join (or re-join) late will now receive any benefits from activated BluGlo Pylons.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Stabilize the Rift device not to shut off the correct visual laser impact fx when the laser is destroyed.
  • Removed the difficulty pylon from the Protect the Servers landmark mission.
  • Refuel the Homebase missions now have a chance to spawn Elemental and Mutant Storm Mission Alerts.
  • Fixed Play With Others Custom option to work for players with high power ratings.


  • Players see what items are eligible for reset by toggling the option from the bottom bar of the Manage Schematic and Manage Hero screens.
  • Added a confirmation dialog after unslotting a collection book item, telling the player that the item has been added to their inventory.
  • Added a HUD element showing the ‘Exit Vehicle’ bound key while using the ROSIE turret.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where certain menus would not unlock in the main menu, preventing players from progressing through the storyline.
  • Fix for store summary buttons not properly setting their recycle/retire state.
  • Fixed an issue that can disable the ability to navigate on the map.
  • Fixed the Research screen showing research point collection when opening and closing the details panel.
  • Updated the Survivor squad management screen to hide the cycle squad buttons when only 1 squad is unlocked.
  • Disabled the evolution confirmation button when hovering over evolution options that are disabled.
  • Flag Banners in mission end screen should display correct icon and color for all players.
  • Fixed reticle and ammo count not updating after using Shadow Stance.
  • Fixed issue with the quest play button playing its animation at incorrect times.
  • Placeholder weapon icon no longer appears in the hotbar if a player drops or recycles weapon while in R.O.S.I.E. turret.
  • In Frostnite, fixed text formatting of HUD wavelength objectives.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in the end game screen when leaving an SSD mission in the middle of the game.


  • The rocket launcher and grenade launcher visual effects were updated to be more performant.
  • Husk death effects were updated to be more performant and fixed issues where the effects were not properly playing.
  • Improved the appearance of fog on Xbox One.


  • The Ice King will be available in the Event Store.
    • Legendary variant of the Hotfixer subclass.
    • Available on January 16 at 7 PM Eastern Time.
  • The Ice Queen is available as a week 3 Frostnite challenge quest reward.
    • Legendary variant of Striker subclass.
    • Available to earn from January 16 at 7 PM ET until January 23 at 7 PM ET.
Note: Each Hero will be unique when the new Hero Loadout launches
  • Any Hero that had Damage Resistance Perks converted to Armor Perks in the v7.10 update is eligible for an Item Reset.
    • If you choose to reset a hero this will return the hero to level 1, and all XP and evolution materials invested into the hero will be refunded
    • Note that this reset option will be forfeited if any new resources are invested into the hero, or if the hero is slotted into the collection book.

Bug Fixes

  • The Outlander Llama Fragment Ability will again fall to its knees when it has been destroyed.


  • Eligible items (e.g., heroes and schematics that have been updated) can be reset back to level 1 from the inspect screen via the “Item Reset” feature.
  • Players can get a full refund of all XP, evolution materials, and Perk-UP invested when Recycling, Retiring or Transforming an item that undergoes a significant balance or design change.
    • This does not include RE-PERK spent to change one perk into another.
    • This does not include Flux spent to increase the rarity of an item.
    • This option becomes available when a Schematic, Hero or other item undergoes a significant balance or design change. These items will then be be tagged as “eligible for a reset” and can be refunded.
  • Increased RE-PERK rewards from the following sources:
    • Mission Rewards: +67%
    • Perk Caches: +67%
    • Mission Alerts: +55%.
  • Reduced RE-PERK costs for changing non-elemental Perks by 40%.
  • Front-end crafting will now remove items from the lowest quantity stack first.
  • Enabled resets for the Six Feet Under shovel, as well as any weapons that had Damage Resistance Perks converted to Armor Perks.
    • This only applies to weapons which are above level 1 or have Armor Perks above their default level as of v7.20.
    • This does not apply to Medieval weapons which were introduced after the Armor update.
    • If you choose to reset the item it will return to level 1, and reduce the rarity of all perks to their starting levels. The XP, evolution materials, and Perk-UP invested in those upgrades will be refunded.
    • Note that the reset option will be forfeited if any resources are invested into the weapon, or if the item is slotted into the collection book.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Stalwart Squire had static default Perk rolls.
  • The Candy Corn LMG now has force feedback when firing.
  • Fixed an issue where melee weapons would sometimes not cause damage for the first few attacks after equipping them.
  • Fixed issue where melee weapons could fail to do any damage when switching to them and using their heavy attack.


  • Separate targeting, scope, and gamepad building sensitivity settings are now shared between Save the World and Battle Royale.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug while spectating in Frostnite where Husks may not be visible.
  • Fixed rare bug where the player could lose control of their character if they respawned while switching spectating targets in Frostnite.
  • Fixed zones appearing locked when another player joins the party while on the map tab.
  • Added a spinner to the zone tiles to indicate that the player is currently fetching/processing the recently joined party members’ power rating.
  • Fixed bug where if the player ended Frostnite mode while in build mode a red/semi-transparent trap placement preview mesh would be visible in the end mission screen.


  • Removed holiday skins from Husks, Lobbers, Sploders, and Husklings.

Bug Fixes

  • Some improvements to projectile interactions with the Riot Husky’s shield:
    • Remote Explosives should now stick to the Riot Husky’s shield.
    • Impulse Grenades now instantly explode against the Riot Husky’s shield.
    • Crossbow bolt impacts now stick to the Riot Husky’s shield.
  • Fix for Storm King horns not showing their broken state correctly when a player joins late.
  • Fix for the Storm King horns so that they do not collide after being broken.
  • Mimics no longer grant metal when hit with a pickaxe or anti-material charge.


  • Ray and Lars packed up the Holiday decorations from the environment and Homebase.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some car destruction visual effects were not rotated properly, causing the car’s position to visibly jump once the car was destroyed.


  • Added soccer ball sounds in Frostnite.
  • Added a pickup sound to the Shielder data item.
  • Updated the grenade explosion sounds.
  • Added mount and dismount sounds to the Hoverboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some exploration quests in Canny Valley to not properly play voiceovers.
  • Fixed music being silenced during Results screen when leaving an SSD without completion/failure.
  • Fixed bug with defeat screen music not playing properly.
  • Fixed bug with the end of day score loop getting stuck on.
  • Fixed bug with hydrant audio loop not stopping when destroyed.
  • Added sound for help menu.
  • Fixed the Vacuum Tube Rifle equip audio.
  • Fixed bug with exploration music playing when looking away from Lars’ van.
  • Fixed bug with which caused failure bonus audio to trigger more than once.


  • Sensitivity settings allow for more granular adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weapon firing not starting automatically when switching over from building while holding the fire button.
  • Fixed water bullet impacts not playing properly when viewing another player shooting the surface of the water.


  • You can now block players directly from their party invite.

Bug Fixes

  • The chat scroll bar will no longer appear before chat is opened for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue where chat could get stuck open, requiring a restart.
  • Launching Fortnite by accepting an invite from the Epic Games Launcher on PC / Mac will once again properly attempt to join the party after the game starts.


  • Memory-optimized for mobile in Battle Royale and Creative to reduce out-of-memory crashes.
  • Performance improvements made for vehicles and some cosmetic items.
  • Improved disk read times on the Xbox and Android in Battle Royale and Creative to reduce the occurrence of late HLODs.
  • Improved performance on Vulkan capable Android devices in Battle Royale and Creative.

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