Star Wars Boba Fett Movie To Be Written And Directed By Logan’s James Mangold

Boba Fett

Fans of the Star Wars franchise have been gearing up for the official release of Solo: A Star Wars Story,  and to add to the excitement, an announcement has come underway that will have fans just as, if not more, elated. The Boba Fett movie has finally found a writer in James Mangold.

For those unfamiliar, James Mangold has written some pretty popular films; from Oliver & Company to Girl Interrupted – which he also directed, and has sat in the director’s chair for films like Identity, The Wolverine, and Logan. The latter brought a whole new side of Weapon-X out and quickly became a fan favorite. With that in mind, Mangold being in the driver’s seat for Boba Fett means we’re likely to get one hell of a ride.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett was an incredibly popular character from Star Wars franchise, touching down in Empire and dying (or not) in Return of the Jedi. The character also has plenty of stories in comics, novels, shows, and games; but even with his story touched on in the prequels, Boba Fett brings a lot to the table in terms of direction. The story could go many different places, and Mangold will definitely make the most of it.

Unfortunately, there is little else to go on at this time for what they will do with the film or when it can be expected. With a tumultuous past that saw the first writer/director fired, there’s really no place to go from here but up. In the meantime, there’s Solo: A Star Wars Story to keep fans occupied!

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