Fortnite Cube Saga Ends In Explosive Fashion, Map Changes (VIDEO)

Fortnite Cube Saga Ends In Explosive Fashion, Map Changes (VIDEO)

The glowing hexahedron we know as the Fortnite Cube (affectionately as “Kevin”) has made the battle royale game its playground over the last few months, the cosmic relic disrupting regular goings-ons through a series of increasingly baffling behaviors. From the Cube’s shocking debut back in August to the recent unleash of ferocious Cube monsters for Halloween, the purple prism has never failed to entertain. However, it appears but the long-storied saga has now come to an end.

The beginning of the end started earlier today when players noticed the Cube acting much stranger than usual, growing splintering cracks and firing pulses of light out from its center. The commotion became so great that Epic Games themselves broke their traditional silence to alert players of the impending event. Something big was definitely happening.

When the eventful time arrived, the Cube’s demise was almost a certainty, but what what actually happened was entirely unexpected.  Hovering above the former Loot Lake (now “Leaky Lake), “Kevin” proceeded to spin at an increasingly quick rate, expelling more and more lightning as it shone brighter and brighter.

The intensity culminated in a blinding flash that enveloped the entire screen, seemingly transporting all the map’s players to a strange negative realm. As the player is left to float around the bizarre and boundless abyss, a glowing spark appears in view and inexplicably transforms into a butterfly. Upon greeting the insect, the player is shown yet another beam of light, this time dropping them back into the Fortnite map to discover some big new changes.

The fabled Fortnite Cube, it’s tornado-propelled floating island, and accompanying maelstrom have all disappeared. In its place, the Leaky Lake setting has been returned, but in a different form than players are accustomed. A series of small islands now inhabit the normally aquatic area, with a group of stones sitting at the center. These are likely remains of our cubed pal Kevin, may our sweet prince rest in peace.

While it’s upsetting to see the Cube gone once and for all, it’s currently unclear what else could have resulted from this explosive event. Maybe that weird butterfly will rear its wings once more to flutter havoc on the Fortnite map. Perhaps the leftover Cube stones or even that weird negative dimension might facture into future events. Who knows? One thing that’s clear is Epic Games sure isn’t going to tell us!

Fortnite is out now for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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