Finalists Announced for the 2016 Steam Awards

The Steam Selection Committee has been out since November sifting through the 15 million nominations to find the best picks for the 2016 Steam Awards. Although it has been a great year for games, they were able to narrow down the selections in each category to just 5 in each category. The list is pretty long and you can read the whole thing here! For the TL;DR, continue reading as we walk you through the magic!

This year’s Steam Awards comes with 12 categories detailing the best games of 2016. Whether you thought a game was amazing for allowing you to “Sit Back and Relax”, or hit you right in the feels and had you saying “I’m Not Crying, There’s Something In My Eye” there is an award in here for just about everyone. With five games in each of the 12 categories, and really great games on the list, it’s going to be difficult to decide which to choose.

Thankfully the list is out now and we all have time to agonize over which one we want to vote for. Nearly every category has its own day of voting. Starting at 10 am PST from December 22nd to December 30th you may cast your vote for your favorite game in the corresponding category. The voting for that days category will be open for 24 hours before the next category begins. Everyone can vote, so be sure to keep up with Steam every day.

The final day of voting will host 4 new categories that were written in. While Steam had originally intended it to be just one, they were so overwhelmed with responses that they decided to make the categories an even dozen this year. All four new categories will be open on December 30th to vote on for 24 hours. Once in, the results will be shared and awards doled out on New Year’s Eve.

Some of the 60 games you can expect to see on the roster include Borderlands 2, The Witcher 3, Life is Strange, Doom, Grand Theft Auto V, and so many more! The categories are pretty funny and overall, it seems that the games are being honored in a fun and entertaining way.

Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed The Gamers as we keep you up to date on the 2016 Steam Awards! Let us know what games you hope to win in the comments below!

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