Super Mario Piranha Plant LEGO Creation is Fully Functional and Awesome! (VIDEO)

Super Mario Run released less than a week ago for Android and iOS devices. Since then, the application has grossed the charts for iOS, making it to number one in the “Top Free” and “Top Grossing” categories. Believe it or not, it continues to be #1. And, what better time to appreciate this awesome LEGO creation than the success of Super Mario Run?

Jason Allemann, otherwise known as JK Brickworks on YouTube, has created a fully-functional LEGO Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Brothers game. This isn’t his first creation, and certainly not his last. Not only are his LEGO creations wonderful, but they’re educational too, by explaining to viewers how these projects are built and the pieces needed to create them. This is especially true for people who love to engineer and create awesome stuff! Check out the video, below:

You might be wondering – how does it work? Isn’t it just LEGOs? Oh, contraire, my friends. Allemann uses a piston system which rests on a crank, and rotates to move the mouth of the piranha plant. Each lip, or jaw, is hinged on a lift arm controlled by the crank and piston system. The crank is connected to an 8-tooth gear on the other side of a bar, which moves in accordance to a vertical the gear rack. There’s more to it than that, but Allemann can explain it much better in his video.

Can I just tell you how much I want one for my own? I don’t have the tools to create one myself, but I sure as hell would love to buy one. It would be great for Halloween next year too. All one needs to do is to create a wider green pipe, then stuff a bunch of candy in there. Pop goes the piranha plant. These things may have been the bane of my existence, equivalent to a jump scare, back in the day. As a full fledged adult, now, I want to share that fear with the newer generation of gamers.

How is awesome is this LEGO Piranha Plant? Would you throw money at it? Or will you create one yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you! As always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on the gaming news as they happen!

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