Final Fantasy XIV’s PS5 Open Beta Significantly Improves Both Sound And Graphics

Final Fantasy XIV's PS5 Open Beta Significantly Improves Both Sound And Graphics

The Open Beta for the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV has officially arrived, providing fans of the popular Square Enix MMORPG with an even better way to experience the wonders of Eorzea. As noted during its initial reveal, the game runs exceedingly well on the PS5, sporting enhanced graphics, a more immersive sound experience, and even a few nice touches that take advantage of the haptic feedback technology of the DualSense controller.

Final Fantasy XIV community member Matt Hilton and lead project manager Shoichi Matsuzawa took to the PlayStation Blog to outline some of what to expect from the Open Beta. According to Matsuzawa, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV sports three different rendering resolutions: 4K (2160p),  WQHD (1440p), and Full HD (1080p), all of which will scale to match the TV’s output. Those that play the game at 1440p or 1080p resolution should hit 60 FPS during “normal gameplay,” while those playing in 4K should still see around 40 FPS. Joining the infinite dance party in Limsa Lominsa while playing at a higher resolution will naturally tank the FPS a bit, though Matsuzawa posits that players should still be able to achieve a stable 30 FPS on the PS5.

Final Fantasy XIV's PS5 Open Beta Significantly Improves Both Sound And Graphics

Square Enix also enhanced the game’s UI and increased the resolution of the font, the latter of which will undoubtedly appreciated by the legions of players that have found themselves squinting in order to read the game’s various text outputs. The team also took advantage of the 3D audio output on the PS5, with ambient sounds now shifting accordingly when the player shifts the position of the camera. “We are utilizing 3D audio output for the PS5 version of FFXIV,” Matsuzawa explained. “Since our initial launch, ambient sounds in FFXIV were assigned different parameters, such as audible range, but with the implementation of the 3D audio feature on the PS5, these settings can be fully leveraged.

Those that opt-in to the Open Beta won’t have any restrictions, and will be able to jump right into the action for free if they own the PS4 version of the game. For those that have yet to purchase the game, there is a free trial version available that gives players access to the base game and Heavensward, the first expansion, and the game can be played up until they reach level 60. Pending any unforeseen issues, the Open Beta is scheduled to transition directly into official service and the end of the test phase.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available for PC, PS4, and PS5. The game’s Endwalker expansion will be releasing in Fall 2021.

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