Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Dev Discusses The Importance Of Playing As Yuffie

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Dev Discusses The Importance Of Playing As Yuffie

While Square Enix’s decision to make Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade a PS5 exclusive remains as divisive as ever, the actual content of Episode Yuffie is undeniably a worthy addition to the base game. Still, fans have expressed some concern as to why Yuffie is all of a sudden in Midgar at the start of the story versus where she is found in the original PlayStation game. Thankfully the folks over at Square Enix have touched upon that, revealing that Yuffie being featured in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will play greatly into her encounter with Cloud and friends later on.

In a recent email conversation with IGN, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade co-director Motomu Toriyama spoke about how the events of Yuffie’s INTERmission content helps set the stage for her eventual meeting with Cloud and friends, both emotionally and logistically. “As Cloud and company prepare to leave Midgar in the base game, so does Yuffie,” Toriyama explains. “Later, Cloud and his allies will end up encountering Yuffie in the expansive world outside of Midgar.”

By playing both the base game and [Episode Intermission], I think you’ll be able to understand where they are coming from, from an emotional perspective, and so I recommend playing through both.”

As I have previously touched upon, Yuffie being present for the fall of the Sector 7 plate undoubtedly has a major impact on her, and is likely one of the primary reasons why she chooses to follow after Cloud as he and the rest of the party make their way out of Midgar. Yuffie will likely play coy given who she is as a person so the scene will probably play off how she meets the party in the original game, but thanks to the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, we know better.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is now available exclusively for PS5.

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