The Last Of Us HBO Series Has Begun Filming, First Look At The Miller Family Revealed

Miller family

The film and television industries are hard at work on big new projects, of which many are adaptations of popular video game franchises. For Sony, their big new campaign of bringing their biggest PlayStation franchises to film and television has begun, with a big entry in that venture being The Last Of Us HBO live-action series. The project seems to be closely following the first game and utilizing top talent to do so, with Pedro Pascal cast as Joel Miller and Gabriel Luna as Joel’s brother Tommy. Now, the Miller family, as they will appear in the new series, have been revealed in a set photo.


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Tommy actor Gabriel Luna recently shared a photo taken from the set of The Last Of Us HBO series on his official Instagram account. The photo shows Luna, along with Pascal, and recently confirmed casting choice of Dumbo star Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter Sarah. The three actors portraying members of the Miller family are also joined by director Kantemir Balagov and cinematographer Ksenia Sereda. This would seem to indicate that filming of the series is well under way in Calgary, Alberta.

Last Of Us HBO Series

Given that the Miller family is being filmed in a car together, this would seem to be a recreation of the opening sequence in the first Last Of Us game, in which Joel, Tommy and Sarah attempt to leave their city during the dawn of the spore-ridden apocalypse. Fans will likely be aware of how this scene plays out, and how it sets up Joel’s begrudging relationship with Ellie as he escorts her across the country on an important mission. While the Miller family’s story is likely to remain the same, seeing them portrayed with these talented new faces will be a fresh experience to behold.

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