Beauty and the Beast Leaked Audio Of Belle Plus Golden Globes Teaser (VIDEO)

Golden Globe

With the Golden Globes, Disney Studios had promised a new look at the highly anticipated live action re-boot of the classic Beauty and the Beast. We’ve seen tidbits here and there through various TV Spots showing how magical the new film is going to be and we have been loving all of it. The promise of the inclusion of the entire existing soundtrack both from the Disney animated film and the classical Broadway production as well as an additional pair of entirely new songs has fans extremely excited for the release of the new film. Just the music alone is absolutely magical.

Disney has done a pretty good job at keeping certain aspects of the film under wraps regardless of the TV Spots and trailers they have released. One such thing kept hidden was the musical numbers that included Emma Watson as Belle singing. This reveal was pre-maturely leaked thanks to a Hasbro toy from the movie’s merchandise line that includes a clip of Belle singing part of the song ‘Something There.’ Disney then released a better quality version of the clip since the secret had already been spoiled.

Moving past the slip up with Hasbro, last night marked the evening of the Golden Globe Awards and with that, Disney had planned a little treat for us. Just prior to the start of the award ceremony, a poster image was released for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film with a statement announcing an all new look to be expected tonight. That new look turned out to be a truly enchanting 30 second teaser featuring the melodic voice of Belle singing her beautiful reprise. See for yourself:

With March 17th fast approaching, the excitement is growing and if you’re anything like me, the movie can’t come soon enough! What are your thoughts on this live action reboot? We’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments. Until Next time we at DFTG invite you to be our guest and stick around for the latest in entertainment and gaming news.

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