Far Cry 5 Villain May Be Playable In The Future, According to Producer (VIDEO)

Far Cry 5 Villain

The core Far Cry series has been well known to proudly feature charismatic villains as a selling point for the games. Larger-than-life villains, like pirate lord Vaas in Far Cry 3 and King Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, have prominently been featured front and center, and have become more talked about than the heroes of their respective games. Far Cry 5 is definitely continuing the tradition with Joseph Seed, the villainous cult leader, who has already been thoroughly explored in a new live action short film. Now it appears players might even be able to play as the Far Cry 5 villain at some point in the future.

HipHopGamer recently spoke with Far Cry 5 producer Darryl Long, and released the conversation on the official Hot 97 YouTube channel. Many aspects of the game are discussed, but naturally, the significance of Joseph Seed was brought up. When it came to the player’s exposure to The Father of the Eden’s Gate cult, Long had this to say:

“I can tell you right now that when you’re playing Far Cry 5, you’re going to get very close and personal with the Father. You are gonna get a lot of good time with him and I will not rule out the possibility that at some future time, you’ll get even closer.”

Based on that last cryptic sentence, it would seem like there are plans to let players take control of the evil cult leader, be it in the main game or perhaps as DLC coming after the game’s release. Regardless, some players would certainly be interested in seeing Hope County behind the sunglasses on Joseph Seed’s eyes and experience the grandeur of a Far Cry villain like never before. Would you guys be interested in playing as the Far Cry 5 villain? Let us know in the comments below!

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