DFTG March Manga Recommendations – Featuring Priest, Junk The Black Shadow, And More

Another month has come and gone and once again, it is time for a list of series recommendations! Featuring four different manga titles of varying genres, DFTG hosts a monthly list of series old and new that manga and anime fans may find interesting. For the March manga recommendation, we suggest these four: Gokushufudo – The Way of the [Yakuza] Hous Husband, Junk the Black Shadow, Priest, and Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta – Saikyou Igai Mezasa Nee / Reincarnated As a Dragon Egg – Let’s Become the Strongest.

The last one is a mouthful, but it’s great comedy read for those looking for pass the time in a fantasy world and a very confused protagonist. Since the selections are often diverse, some series may not be your cup of tea and that’s totally okay. There are a year’s worth of lists to go back on and see if there are any that suit your tastes, especially coming from a fellow weeb trashcan like the writer. Without further ado, check out the complete list below:

Title: Gokushufudo – The Way of the House Husband
Author: Oono Kousuke
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

The Immortal Tatsu – infamous for taking down an entire rival clan with a single lead pipe has turned a new leaf. This former bloodthirsty yakuza is now a dedicated and very domestic house husband. Intent on leaving his grisly past behind, Tatsu spends most of his time at home or on the run for errands to help his busy, working wife. Despite being a seasoned practice as a punisher, his new role introduces different and equally challenging tasks and obstacle he must learn to maneuver. From clipping coupons, making bento boxes for his wife, to avoiding eagle-eyed police, or taking a very domestic cooking class – there’s never a dull moment.

As someone trying to retire of such a notorious reputation, there are those determined to bring Tatsu back into the gang. His newfound happy-go-lucky lifestyle may not last forever, thanks to the likes of some little punk calling THE immortal Tatsu a “pacifict” and other related slurs. Obviously, that’s the smart thing to do with someone with literal skeletons in the closet.

This series is currently being translated by Sexy Akiba Detectives.

Title: Junk the Black Shadow
Author: Nakao Takuya
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Junk lives in the shadow of his father’s glory as the son of an renown and powerful sourcerer. Unable to live up to the expectations of his own father and those around him, the young man is determined to take the rebellious path toward becoming a Paladin. That is until his father is killed before his very eyes. Face to face with the perpetrator of his death, Junk finally realizes the potential his father saw in him, and vows to help the round table seek justice for the lives lost and dishonored that day. It begins with finding the identity of the mysterious rebel group that wishes to do harm onto other magic users.

At the time of writing this, there are only a couple chapters scanned and translated so far, but I have high hopes for this being another fun read and time killer. It sort of reminds me of Naruto. This project is currently being translated by Zero Scans.

Title: Priest
Author: Hyung Min-Woo
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mature

Set during the frontier of the American West, evil threatens to consume humanity. Twelve fallen disciples of the angel Temozarela have taken roles on Earth to make way for his rebirth, but one man is determined to make sure that never happens. After the tragic loss of his love, former priest Ivan Isaacs sacrifices his humanity for the same evil that threatens to destroy all. By signing away part of his soul to the devil Belial, Ivan uses his superhuman abilities to seek out the disciples and rid them of life for good.

Taking advantage of his arsenal of blessed weapons and silver artillery, the fallen priest seeks vengeance for the premature death of his beloved Gena. And to compensate for the drawn-out storyline, Priest is full of fast-paced action and bloody gun fights. Priest is an older manhwa series that was published by Tokyopop. It can be bought and read from bookstores and online retailers.

Title: Tensei Shitara Dragon no Tamago Datta – Saikyou Igai Mezasa Nee
Author: Nekoko / Necoco (author), RIO (illustrator)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

It is due to some unforeseen, terribly odd circumstances that a once human is digitized into an RPG world as a dragon egg. Void of a name, memories, or an identity, the young man transported into this unknown world must fight other monsters to become stronger. Through trial and error, the protagonist discovers new skills by simply traversing the world and defeating enemies. What’s more strange is this God-like voice that follows him around sometimes answering questions and other times simply acting as a troll. Despite that, the main objective is simple: level up, become the strongest dragon he can be, and figure out just what the hell happened! Unfortunately, this world is extremely unforgiving with monsters hiding around every corner and humans that are even scarier.

It’s hilarious that the protagonist of the story is a character in an MMORPG-like world, except this time around he’s just a monster instead of a human. This makes for a perfect recipe resulting in hilarious scenarios. There funny nods to typical MMO user interface designs as well. It’s worth the read to pass the time with action-packed comedy. This series is currently being translated by SA Scans.


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