Far Cry 5 Collector Edition Unboxed By Cult “Father” Actor With Hilarious Commentary (VIDEO)

The newest villain introduced to the Far Cry series is a cult leader called the “Father” and as greasy and menacing as the character can be, the actor who portrays…

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Far Cry 5 Villain

Far Cry 5 Villain May Be Playable In The Future, According to Producer (VIDEO)

The core Far Cry series has been well known to proudly feature charismatic villains as a selling point for the games. Larger-than-life villains, like pirate lord Vaas in Far Cry…

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Far Cry 5 Cult

Far Cry 5 Cult Of Personality Video Sheds Light On Joseph Seed’s Darkness (VIDEO)

With the game’s release a little over two weeks away, Ubisoft continues to share details of their upcoming title. The latest entry into the long-running series of teasers and previews,…

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Far Cry 5 Videos

New Far Cry 5 Videos Detail The Twisted Seed Family And The Return Of An Old Character (VIDEO)

The latest installment in a lengthy series of shooters is on its way. With more excitement than you can shake a stick at, fans are anticipating a great deal from…

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