Far Cry 5 Collector Edition Unboxed By Cult “Father” Actor With Hilarious Commentary (VIDEO)

The newest villain introduced to the Far Cry series is a cult leader called the “Father” and as greasy and menacing as the character can be, the actor who portrays him is uncharacteristically hilarious in comparison. Actor Greg Bryk unboxes the Far Cry 5 Collector Edition with entertaining commentary that reflect just a hint of Joseph Seed’s haunting disposition.

Greg Bryk reveals the contents within the Far Cry 5 Collector Edition that includes a handy map of Hope County, an exclusive Joseph Seed figurine, original soundtrack, steelbook gold edition copy of the game, and digital deluxe pack – all nestled within a large premium box with exclusive illustrations. In fact, the actor even taps on the metal case to check for quality and comically stated that it is “real steel”. For a complete breakdown of the content included with the Far Cry 5 Collector Edition, see below:

Physical Content

  • A Premium Collector’s Box with exclusive arts of the Seed Family.
  • The exclusive Joseph Seed Figurine, also called “The Father”, and its colorised stained glass (Total height : 12.3”)
  • A double-sided tourist map of Hope County featuring point of interest and key locations.
  • The Original Soundtrack of the Game

Digital Content

  • The Digital Deluxe Pack which includes early access to several equipment, vehicles, weapons and consumables to lead the resistance and fight against The Project at Eden’s Gate.
    • The BIG GAME HUNTER PACK gives the player access to the Big Game Hunter Compound Bow, the Big Game Hunter ATV and the Big Game Hunter Outfit.
    • The ACE PILOT PACK gives the player access to the Ace Pilot 1911 handgun, the Ace Pilot Helicopter and the Ace Pilot Outfit.
    • The EXPLOSIVE PACK: a full package of additional consumables with 4x dynamite, 4x C4, 4x grenades and 4x proximity mines.
    • The CHAOS PACK: a full package of additional consumables with 4x Fast buffs, 4x Furious buffs, 4x Molotov cocktails and 4x animal bait.
    • AR-C Assault Rifle & .44 Magnum Handgun with unique skins

The Far Cry 5 Collector Edition is available on the Ubisoft website for $159.99. It is currently sold out of for PC and PlayStation 4, but there are a few units left for Xbox One. So be sure to act fast! What do you think of this collectible edition? Is it worth the money or are you content with the game as it is? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on DFTG Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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