Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Team Informs Fans “Development Will Go On” After Cancellation Concerns

New Vegas Mod

We’ve shared this amazing Fallout 4: New Vegas project in the past – and how could we not? The development process has been amazing so far. That being said, with their sister project bringing the world of Fallout 3 into the most recent game from Bethesda being cancelled due to an audio dispute with the developer, many were worried that F4NV would be the next one on the chopping block. Luckily, that doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case because the team already planned ahead. At this time, they’ve still got the green light!

New Vegas Mod

The creative group of modders behind the game took to the F4NV blog to talk about the audio port concerns and how they planned ahead. Here is what they had to say:

“As many of you likely know, our sister project, Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland, has indefinitely halted development on their mod. This follows discussions with Bethesda that indicated that the method both our project and theirs were intending to use to extract and port the audio from Fallout: New Vegas/Fallout 3 was not allowed.

We’ve been aware of this issue for a couple of weeks, and have spent the time exploring options for Fallout 4: New Vegas. After long internal discussion and consultations with intellectual property lawyers, we have finally come to a conclusion.

F4NV’s development will go on. However, changes in our development plans will be needed for us to accomplish our goal of a fully realized remake of Fallout: New Vegas.

Core to this is the newest portion of our development team, the Voice Acting department. Team F4NV had initially considered setting up a voice team during its early days, and a study on the requirements and feasibility of this was discussed in-depth, factoring the amount of acting needed per-character, number of characters voiced by how many voice actors, and a number of other key factors. At the time, operating with the understanding that we were able to use the original New Vegas audio, we deemed a voice acting project to be far too much work, for far too little reward.

However, with the shift in our priorities, we now are able to draw upon this previous detailed examination to work out the best possible approach for Team F4NV to create a high-quality, entertaining mod.

Central to that is the way voice acting will be managed within Team F4NV. Unlike other teams such as the Level Design or Asset Creation teams, our Voice Acting team will be operating autonomously, working with voice actors on roles suited to their unique voice. As a result, their work will not be bound to the same milestone structure as the rest of the team. This means that often the VA team will be working on content totally different from that which the rest of the team is focusing their efforts on, but we’ve modified our release roadmap planning system to compensate for that.

What this means to anybody who downloads any releases of F4NV, ultimately, is that our release schedule won’t be impacted at all by the addition of new voice acting. This, of course, comes with a minor catch.

Due to the way that the Voice Acting Team will be operating separately from the core project team, this means that their work will be included as it is ready. While this will mean that certain parts of the game will be fully voiced far ahead of schedule, other areas may end up lagging behind. As a result, F4NV releases may end up going out without voiceover recorded for certain characters, depending on where our VA Team stands at any given point in time. While disappointing, we feel that this approach best allows us to keep the project on-track, while also allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality within the project.

While this may seem discouraging, thanks to the way F4NV has set itself up internally, this shift has taken little to no effort on the part of the team, and development has continued on at a steady pace without issue.”

With all the concerns of what happened to the Capital Wastelands mod being shut down, it’s good to know the team behind the New Vegas project did their due diligence.

What do you think of announcement made by the team behind the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod? Do you think might still run into some hiccups as they reach the end of their development in the future?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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