Fallout: Tale of Two Wastelands Mod Blends Fallout 3 and New Vegas


Fallout 3 changed the way players look at the Fallout franchise, and the title that arrived afterwards, Fallout: New Vegas, took this even further. A group of modders have taken the two iconic games and meshed them together to form one mod, allowing players to experience both the the East and West side of the former United States and its vast wastelands.

Players can head from the Mojave and DC wastelands easily through the use of train stations. The creators call the mod a “total rebuild” and sees all of the quests and settings of Fallout 3 being transferred to Fallout: New Vegas and its engine, complete with the mechanics of New Vegas such as weapons modification, companion wheel, and more.


In order to run the Tale of Two Wastelands mod, players will need to have clean installs of both titles as well as all available DLC. Both versions should also work with both Steam and GOG versions of the game. For more information on making sure everything is in working order, check out the installation guide here.

It’s also worth noting that using this mod with others can break the game, so make sure to back up those save files and pay special attention to the instructions. On the bright side, the makers of the Tale of Two Wastelands mod have given players a list of mods that are compatible to use alongside it.

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