Fallout: Atlanta Brings The Big Peach To New Vegas (VIDEO)

Fallout: New Vegas has had one of the most active modding communities for a game in the last decade.  The popular RPG has received everything from fan-created graphical facelifts, new weapons, and even driveable vehicles since the game released 8 years ago.  While these additions are nice and certainly require a huge amount of work, some mods are so ambitious they demand extra attention.  Fallout: Atlanta is one such mod.

This bold fan project seeks to put the titular city as a full-fledged area within Fallout: New Vegas.  Author lolpop109 posted an alpha for the mod onto the Nexus, and it might shape up to be one of the most memorable pieces of fan content ever produced for game.  This includes new NPCs, voiced dialogue, quests, vendors, and building interiors that promises to capture the essence of post-apocalyptic ATL.

Explore the likes of The World of Nuka Cola and the Super Duper theme park. Take a trip to the memorial park or even take a boat ride down the Chattahoochee River. You won’t struggle for a place to stay either, with rooms available at Peachtree Towers and The Marquis Hotel.”

“The World of Nuka Cola” is an obvious reference to its real-world Coca-Cola museum, but it’s nice to see other landmarks Peachtree Towers (one of the city’s first skyscrapers) and The Marquis Hotel get mentioned.  Hopefully, there are some mutated Giant Peaches for us to cook with! Whatever the case may be, it is awesome to see new content continually added to one of my all-time favorite RPGs.  You can find a Pre-Alpha trailer from a couple years ago here, but the creator lolpop109 promises a new showcase trailer in the near future.

Are you excited for Fallout: Atlanta?  Be sure to follow us on Twitter to hear about when exactly it will 1.0 and stay tuned to Don’t Feed The Gamers!


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