Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds New Areas And Boss Gauntlet


We’ve been covering a lot of Fallout: New Vegas Mods on the site in the last couple of weeks, because man there is a lot to get excited about! Not only is the community adding in a constant gaggle of new weapons, armor, and items, but also amazing new areas like Atlanta, Oregon, and even Seattle are making their way into the title! While we may not see some of those more ambitious fan projects in the near future, it feels like there’s always something new to look forward to coming to one of the greatest RPGs of the decade. Even smaller-scale mods like Mighty Dungeons II!

Mighty Dungeons II, from author random411, adds 7 new unique dungeons to Fallout: New Vegas and a new Boss Gauntlet mode that is sure to test the mettle of the most seasoned Mojave experts. Players will encounter new spooky environments filled with high-level enemies and quirky attributes to make each new area really stand out. Not only that but the dungeons are scaled to different player levels so there’s something to be enjoyed no matter where you are in your current playthrough! Random411 goes into more detail on the Nexus Posting:

The Dungeons
**Reminder: All dungeons are reached from the Warp Room – the entrance to the Warp Room is behind the Boulder City Saloon.

Easy – Recommended player level – 10+

Wave Station 19.80 – A strangely vibrant radio station – guarded by fierce Radiowave Fighter Dogs!

Java Mania – A den overloaded with coffee, and lunatic caffeine addicts.

Hard – Recommended player level – 20+

Buried Town – A town buried deep underground, now inhabited by lost souls.

Lofty Palace – A palace where the parties never end… until you show up.

Extreme – Recommended player level – 30+

The Dreadfort – Home to a group of highly sadistic fiends.

Cyber Zone – A complex inside of a computer simulation.

Dark Lodge – ???

That last one in particular “Dark Lodge” seems to be a tease for Twin Peaks fans, especially since the author has Dale Cooper as their avatar on Nexus. Will we get to fight Bob and the One-Armed Man? Who knows, but I’m sure gonna find out when I download it tonight!

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