Fallout 4: New Vegas’s Latest Update Reports Smooth Sailing Progress (VIDEO)

We’ve been following the progress of the impressive total conversion mod project Fallout 4: New Vegas for a long time now, and we kept help but to share news every time we get a significant “Devlog” update from the team! Now that we know Bethesda has officially given the greenlight for this project, and that the overall venture is speeding towards completion, we’re excited to see any and all milestones that the creative crew hits along the way.

The latest developer update comes following a meet and greet event at a local convention in Phoenix, AZ and we’re excited to see that it’s all positive news. All progress seems to be on course, with a few sects of creation surpassing original deadlines. According to their most recent Facebook post:

“Our level design team has continued to trek deeper and farther into the worldspace, with an ongoing focus on major milestone locations, areas that are ones that the player is likely to hit as they move outwards from Goodsprings on their first playthrough.”

They then added, “As that happens, we also have some work being done on a quality pass in other areas – as time goes on, assets or tools may change or be added to our level design repertoire, so additional passes may be made to make for a better looking world as time goes on. This often diverts a small portion of the team for a short period of time, and results in a far more polished game world after the fact.”

As far as deadlines go, they are surpassing previous goals at impressive rates, including the questing teams that have their work cut out for them! “Moving on to the assets team, work has continued to be quiet and steady. With our continued prioritization of smaller but more common assets, many smaller items are slowly populating the world as we go (and necessitating small quality passes of their on as time goes on!) We also have more work going on with our weapons artists, hopefully work we’ll be able to show off very soon!

Our scripting and questing teams have also both been working away lately, making progress in some locations at an overall impressive rate. Quests have gradually been populating our gameworld, and cool features and functionalities (including some fun tweaks to the traits system,) have been getting added while work continues on other gameplay systems such as hardcore mode.”

It’s great to see that they haven’t run into any major issues, and we’re excited to see what else they have in store! Be sure to check out their official site as well for previous updates, screenshots, video coverage, and tons more! What do you think about all of the amazing Fallout projects going on right now? Have you checked out the latest venture that takes the series to Seattle? You can learn more about that impressive feat right here, and be sure to stay tuned in over on our Twitter for everything gaming news and entertainment 24/7!

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