Major E3 2017 Surprise Teased by Terry Crews – Is Overwatch’s Doomfist Finally Arriving? (VIDEO)

Overwatch's Doomfist

In a tale that seems as old as time, the mystery surrounding Overwatch and its future heroes rages on. Before the reveal of Sombra, players thought it was going to be Doomfist that was coming to the popular FPS, but that was not the case. When steam started to pick up about the 24th hero, fans were positive it was time. However, game director Jeff Kaplan had stated it was not going to be who many expected. This may have broken a few hearts, but Orisa seems to be doing well for herself as the latest character to be added to Blizzard’s title. Now that 24 is out of the way, surely Overwatch‘s Doomfist has to be 25, right?

Thanks to a recent Facebook Live video by Terry Crews, fans have learned that he has a “major surprise” in store for E3 2017. Now, being a man of many talents and endeavors, this could very well be pertaining to anything. The video was intended to show off the custom Old Spice PC that popular tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents recently built for the actor, but turned into a tour of his work/gaming area. While that is great and all, it’s what he says at the 8:40 mark that has caught the attention of several people. This is when Crews mentions the announcement slated for E3, but not before booting up Overwatch on his new PC. Check it out below:

This 100% has to be about Overwatch‘s Doomfist, right? Why did he boot up the game and then say “ya’ll know what’s going on” about the surprise?! Answers are needed! If anything, E3 is less than two months away, so that is the longest fans will have to wait in order to know what Crews has up his sleeve. DFTG will be there, so stay tuned as to ensure nothing is missed. In the meantime, just watch him say a few lines as Overwatch‘s Doomfist and dream of Blizzard confirming such a glorious thing.

Will Doomfist be the 25th hero? Is Terry Crews trying to hint at something else entirely? Drop those theories down in the comments section below, or start a conversation on the official Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. If it is more reading that is desired, check out the following:

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