Dragon Age 2 Returns On The Xbox One With Backwards Compatibility

Another wonderful title from the last generation of consoles has found itself onto Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program. Dragon Age 2 has arrived giving players the opportunity to play through the entire series of Dragon Age titles all in one place once more.

Dragon Age 2 was originally released back in 2011 and told the “true tale” of a family of refugees who escaped their home in Ferelden shortly after the events of the Battle of Ostagar within Dragon Age: Origins. The tale followed them as they sought refuge within the walls of Kirkwall. The story is told by everyone’s favorite hairy chested dwarf, Varric Tethras, who recounts the three years he spent with the “Champion of Kirkwall,” from his humble beginnings to becoming a symbol within the “City of Chains.”

Starting today, players can return to Kirkwall for themselves with the title’s arrival on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program:

The second Dragon Age title featured impressive dialogue and decision options seen in many Bioware titles, and implemented a “Friendship and Rivalry” system that expanded on the approval system seen in the first game. Unlike the first title, the sequel locked players into playing as a human character though there was still extensive customization options to choose from. The focus of the game was the events that happened in Kirkwall and as such, players spent most of their time within the city, though on occasion are let outside the stony walls to explore the coastal landscape.

“Because the game was rushed,” stated our own editor and chief over at ComicBook, “it didn’t offer the same stunning open world that many were hoping for that the first game offered, and many saw the repeating areas as monotonous and stale. Despite that, there is a huge cult following for the second game and that’s in no small part due to the lovable characters with their intricate histories. The game’s protagonist, Hawke, helped each one of their ragtag true in the city of Kirkwall amidst demons, blood magic, and a strange new threat known as Red Lyrium.”

Dragon Age 2 is a delightful, if not controversial, title filled with political intrigue, a vast cast of lovable characters, and beautiful scenery. Are you ready to return to Kirkwall? Let us know your thoughts on Dragon Age 2’s arrival to backwards compatibility and more in the comments section below. You can also check out the FULL list of games available on Xbox One’s program right here.

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