BioWare Held In-House, All-Hands Meeting To Discuss Critical Issues Following Mass Report

Regardless of one’s opinion on Anthem, the game continues to circulate the news after its release in February. Less than 3 months since launch, much of the ins and outs…

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New Dragon Age game

Dragon Age 4 Multiplayer Won’t Be “Anthem With Dragons,” Says Report

Following extended bursts of speculation, Dragon Age 4 is finally on its way and BioWare has extended a number of tidbits regarding the sequel over the last few months. While…

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Dragon Age 4 Reportedly Restarted Development In 2017

A recent array of troubles have reportedly come to light over the last few weeks regarding BioWare and the lengthy development of Anthem, the studio officially coming forward to address…

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Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4 Will Reportedly Be Built On Anthem’s Code

An aspect of BioWare’s latest intellectual property, Anthem, that can’t be argued – the visuals are stunning. Despite its turbulent launch, the team at BioWare have done a phenomenal job…

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Dragon Age: Total War Mod Adds Grey Wardens, High Dragons, And More

Dragon Age: Total War Mod Adds Grey Wardens, High Dragons, And More (VIDEO)

Ever since the recent reveal that Dragon Age 4 was in the works, the massive fan base for the BioWare series has been understandably invigorated, with old fan art and…

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Dragon Age Inquisition Cosplay Shows Off Stunning Qunari Inquisitor

Dragon Age Inquisition Cosplay Shows Off Stunning Qunari Inquisitor

I’m going to preface all this by simply stating that I don’t typically check out a lot of cosplay, with the exception of pretty much anything related to Final Fantasy….

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BioWare Founders Receive New Award for “Revolutionary” Impact on Video Games

BioWare is known for many epic adventures, including the likes of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and more. The release of Baldur’s Gate is what really made the studio take off…

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Dragon Age

Somebody Made the Dragon Age Origins Logo Entirely Out of Hersey’s Kisses

From day one, the Dragon Age franchise has enraptured fans, and a recent announcement at this year’s Game Awards has officially teased the coming of the next title in the…

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Dragon Age 4 Teaser Trailer Revealed At The Game Awards (VIDEO)

Dragon Age 4 Will Feature A ‘Dream Team’ Of Developers, Promises BioWare

The Dragon Age fandom was rocked to its very core when Dragon Age 4 was teased at The Game Awards 2018. It has been three long years since the Dragon…

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Dragon Age Fans Lose Their Minds Over Dragon Age 4 Theories

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for. Dragon Age 4 finally made its debut at The Game Awards ceremony on December 6th, teasing the future of the franchise and…

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