Dishonored Isn’t On Hold, Devs Clarify Previous Remarks

Dishonored collection 2 death of the outsider

Other than a spiffy board game, here hasn’t been a new Dishonored title for a while, but that isn’t exactly a surprise considering previous comments made by developer Arkane Studios. Following the release of standalone adventure Death of the Outsider, the entire series was said to be “resting” while the studio pursued other projects for the time being. Considering the series long sleep, it might be easy to assume the Dishonored games were effectively on hold, but it appears that this was never actually the case.

Revealed in a recent interview with IGN Middle East, studio co-creative director Dinga Bakaba revealed that while Dishonored saw the conclusion of its main story arc, the series as a whole was never considered to be on hold. “Well, first of all, it’s weird because for us as a studio, we never did a sequel to a game we made before,” Bakaba explained. “It was interesting to make and everything. But the rumors of putting the IP on hold was highly exaggerated and was misquoted.”

So, I don’t think there was a decision to put Dishonored series on hold. I think the initial quote was over interpreted.”

“On hold” is a phrase with conceivably many meanings, but is appears Bakaba is addressing the notion that Dishonored was set aside for business reasons, rather than creative ones. “It’s something where we had a story to tell about the Kaldwins and the Outsider, and that story is over,” Bakaba added. “In any case, I don’t think we will be revisiting that [Kaldwin storyline]. That’s clearly a creative choice. Some other people might have thought differently, you know, but that was a creative choice to not revisit that part of the Dishonored world.”

Arkane previously addressed these “resting” remarks back in 2018, with lead designer Ricardo Bare assuring the series was not dead in the slightest. He likened the studio’s plans to that of Bethesda’s Todd Howard, who maintained that The Elder Scrolls VI would eventually see the light of day, but not before Fallout 76 or the new IP Starfield would see release. “He didn’t say I’m never making another,” Bare said. “There’s like, ‘We have an idea for another thing here, we have an idea for another there’.”

As relayed in a recent documentary, Arkane has always been a studio of many games. Having put forth such titles as Arx Fatalis and more recently with 2017’s Prey and Wolfenstein: Youngblood, it appears the developer is hoping to create more standalone experiences before jumping back into another Dishonored adventure. Next up for Arkane is the upcoming game Deathloop, which was first revealed back at E3 2019 as an exciting, yet trippy, mix of assassins and time loops. Little has been unveiled about the game so far, but perhaps this year’s event-heavy summer might hold more information about Arkane’s incoming project.

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