Gamer Dating App Kippo Exceeds $2 Million In Funding

Kippo gamer dating app

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping the majority of people from meeting face-to-face with new people, in-person dating has been put on hold. As such, the digital realm has become a go-to method for those seeking romantic companionship in the past few months. Video games have had a big part in this, with many Tinder and Bumble dates choosing online games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons for their date meetup spots. Now, a new dating app for gamers called Kippo has amassed over $2 million in funding from its crowdsourcing campaign, and it might be just what unlucky gamers in love might need right now.

The team at Kippo has shared information about its new gamer dating app on its official website. The app’s founders began the project after wanting to bridge disconnected gamers with each other and combat preconceived notions about gamers. As they state:

I’ve been a gamer my entire life. And it’s kind of a niche demographic that is no longer niche. It’s growing more and more mainstream. Historically, there were so many stereotypes and stigmas about gamers. We know that that’s just not true anymore. And this is something that this community really needed.”

The app allows gamers to build a profile that lists their favorite games, including ones they’re playing lately, and even other personality traits, such as their Myers-Briggs type and Hogwarts House. This will then lead users into finding potential dates with similar gaming tastes. Even if users aren’t looking for dates, they can still use the app to find new friends to play their favorite games with.

The Kippo crowdsourcing campaign highly surpassed its initial goals, going past $2 million in funds. It is now available on iOS, with a Google Play version coming soon. The app currently has over 45,000 users, with 40% of them being women. Hopefully, the app continues to take off so more gamers can find their Player 2.



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