Newly Discovered Dinosaur Named After Ghostbusters Demon Zuul

Ghostbusters Demon Zuul

Despite the financial shortcomings of the Ghostbusters reboot film that hit theaters last year, the original Ghostbusters movie still stands as one of the most culturally withstanding films of all time. The impact of the original 1984 film can still be seen in references across modern media (such as the kids in Strangers Things wearing the original Ghostbusters costumes in the upcoming season) and even recent video game releases, such as the new Ghostbusters VR game. Now, the science-heavy films have even influenced actual science discoveries, with a newly found dinosaur that has been named after Ghostbusters demon Zuul.

The Royal Ontario Museum has shared this new discovery and naming across several different platforms, perhaps most notably with the video seen above from their official YouTube channel featuring original Ghostbusters actor Dan Akroyd. Scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum recently discovered the ankylosaur as a 75 million year old fossil. The similarities in the facial structure in the fossil, such as the rounded, short snout and the placement of the horns behind the eyes, to the head of the demon henchman of Gozer inspired the scientists to honor the cinematic creature.

As such, the registered scientific name for this newly discovered species has been dubbed the “Zuul  crurivastator”. Currently, there is no confirmed sister species of this dinosaur named “Vinz Clorthosaur”. What do you guys think about this new dinosaur named after the classic Ghostbusters demon Zuul? What film creature would you like to see a species named after? Let us know in the comments below.

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